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Tom Wu has been our insurance and mortgage adviser for many years. We have come to know him as more than an adviser, but a friend. Tom has always provided very prompt and fantastic service to our family. He provides regular reviews and has always listened to our needs. He will patiently and clearly go through the pros and cons of different policies and compare rates from different providers to achieve the most suitable outcome for us.

During periods of unfortunate event(s), he pro-actively provided advice and helped us with our claims, which reduced a lot of unnecessary stress. Tom also suggest options, without us having to ask, whenever there are changes to our financial or family circumstances, for instance, new addition to our family ie children.

He provides ACC advice as part of his insurance advice process. He helps me restructure my ACC cover and incorporate a mix of private income cover. This results in a saving in ACC levies and gives me certainty of compensation at the claim time.

He is often easilv contactable by phone and very approachable. The service that Tom provides often goes bevond his designated duties. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends, colleagues and/or family members.

Dr. Meng ANG

Copy of original testimonial available on request

Dr Meng Ang Medical GP April 23, 2015

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