Senior Manager – BNZ
April 23, 2015

This is to advise that Tom Wu has been my insurance advisor for the last three years now. From a customer’s perspective, I believe Tom has been exceptional with his services to me. The best thing about Tom that stands out for me is, he is not in a rush to close his sale, however his patience to understand the customer need and provide the best advice.

In order to understand the client’s needs, I believe one needs to ask the right question and tailor the product to match client’s needs. Tom has in him what it takes and his ability to ask the right questions make him stand out from other brokers.

Tom is cordial, keeps regularly in touch and ensures his clients are up to date with any insurance needs. He makes his client’s problem his own and addresses them promptly.

Overall I am very happy with Tom’s services and am glad to have him as my advisor.

Continue the good work Tom. Well Done!

Gaurav Hamani

(Original testimonial available on request)