Our Services

We specialise in the provision of life and business risk management services to our clients. Our services include:

1. Life Risk planning.

We review your current financial, lifestyle and family circumstances, determine the key risks you are facing and work with you to determine appropriate risk management strategies for these risks.

2. Insurance Planning

Where the financial and lifestyle effects of a risk event occuring  require the use of insurance, we work with you to develop a cost effective insurance solution to suit the circumstances. Because we are not aligned to any particular insurance company and have no business quotas to fulfil, we are able to recommend an insurance solution from a wide range of alternatives. This helps to ensure that any product we recommend is best suited to your particular need.

We are qualified to provide advice on the following types of insurance:

Life; lump sum and annuity-based insurance in the event of death.

Trauma. Lump sum cover in the event of a major health trauma suffered by the insured. This would typically include most major health risks including heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Permanent Disability; lump sum coverwhere you suffer an injury of health condition sufficiently severe to remove you from the work force permanently.

Disability Income Protection; replacement of income in the event you are unable to work due to non-accident related health condition.

Medical/Health Insurance; cover for conditions requiring major medical/surgical procedures.

3. Insurance Reviews

If you already have an insurance programme in place, we can offer a fee-based service to assess your existing programme in the context of your situation and needs.

4. Claims Support

Ultimately, the real proof of any insurance programme is at claim time and this is often the time at which you most need support from your adviser. We are fully committed to providing the support you need during claim time.

5. ACC Consulting

Accident compensation in New Zealand is continually changing and there are a number of options available to business owners looking to manage their risk in the most cost effective way. Our ACC consulting service is designed to help develop a programme suited to the particular needs of your business and medical practice.