Our Approach

Lifestyle Insurance Consultants Ltd is a specialist risk management financial advisory company. We design and implement personal risk management solutions for our clients and in this regard we like to think we are a little different.

Risk management approach

We take a risk management approach to the design of our client solutions. We see our role as

  • helping you to determine the key risks facing you, your family and your business/practice.
  • evaluating the potential effect of those risk events on your finances and lifestyle
  • Determining how the financial/lifestyle effects of these risk events will be managed and
  • Where insurance is deemed an appropriate risk management tool, evaluating products and structures to maximise benefit in a cost effective insurance package without compromising quality.

Best Practice

We use a very structured six step process recognised as best practice in the financial advisory sector around the world. This process includes

  1. Initial meeting to determine whether we are able to help you with your needs
  2. Information gathering to ensure that your current financial situation and needs over time are identified
  3. Analysis and modelling of options to ensure that your programme is consistent with your needs.
  4. Presentation and discussion of recommended risk management plan
  5. Implementation of agreed programme and
  6. Ongoing Reviews


We review our clients risk management programme every year. Major changes in your life and lifestyle can occur quite frequently and typically such changes affect the risks you face. The arrival of a new child can fundamentally effect your insurance needs, children growing up and leaving home can similarly impact on your needs as can a decision to change jobs or set yourself up in business. Similarly, your general insurance needs will change over time and it is important to keep on top of these change to ensure that you insurances are appropriately structured for your needs at all times. Whilst an annual review may not result in any change to your risk management programme, it does enable you to ensure that your programme continues to meet the needs of you and your family.

Holistic Approach

Our process incorporates a highly structured and comprehensive information gathering exercise analysis of your existing situation and plans over the next few years to ensure that your risk management programme meets your needs.

We also work with other professionals who provide you with advisory services to ensure that any insurance needs are structured appropriately in the context of your risk management programme. Our work in this area includes

  • ensuring that insurance ownership is structured in accordance with your particular needs.
  • ensuring that insurance, estate planning and asset ownership structures are synchronised. This may include ensuring that your wills are updated to incorporate the testamentary effects of a life insurance policy or recognising the implications for family trusts and updating accordingly.
  • Working with your accountant to ensure that insurance ownership is consistent with your overall financial situation.
  • Maximise tax deductibility of insurance programmes

Claims Support

We all hope that our risk management plans are not required but ultimately, any risk management programme can only be evaluated in the context of a claim. We recognise that it is in times of crises that the effect of our services are really felt and often when we are most needed.  We will be there to help you through these periods and ensure the benefits of your risk management plans are fully realised.


To ensure that we are able to provide you with highly professional client service, we have joined  Kepa Financial Services,  major providers of support services to advisers around the country.

Tom is also a member of NZ Financial Advisers’ Association, who are leading the way for professional advisers in New Zealand.

We work with all the major life and health companies in New Zealand.

If you would like to discuss your particular needs, please call us on 0800 585 898 or send us an email via the contact form on this page.